Thursday, April 17, 2008

More problems

Well I still can't post pictures using Blogger. And I am at my wits end. I haven't made any cards these last few days cuz I have been spinning my wheels on fixing this problem. Does anyone have a different way they post their pictures? Or any other ideas on how to correct this?

Thanks everyone for visiting hopefully I will be back with some cards soon!


fairymadjo said...

hi hun, i cant help , but maybe oneof the SBS 13 might , sorry jo x

nessy said...

oh no still not able to get photos on!! is it your settings??? i had problems getting on to your site when clicking on your name when you left me a comment . know nothing about computers , but maybe you need to look at your settings on your blog ( on your dashboard, where you add and change things on your blog)-sorry , don`t know the right word -see told you i knew nothing!!
worth a look
vanessa xx
ps is there nothing in the blogger help page???

Lesley said...

Oh no, how annoying. I have problems on Wordpress when I use them for another blog, but I haven't worked out a way round it yet. I hope you get it sorted soon. xxx

Kari said...

Hi!!! I also use Blogger and have not had this problem yet. Have you gone to the Help center on Blogger yet? Also, if I read this right...there is a section called Help Group where you can ask questions about your problem and the experts at Blogger answer them! I hope this helps and hope you are up and running very soon!!!!

Kari said...

I did just read in one of the help groups that other are having a problem with uploading pictures...

There was a response from an employee that said that they are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it.

Thread for Problem

Anwer from employee: