Thursday, July 3, 2008


Fellow SBS Debi has tagged me and here's the rules:

Each player answers the questions and, at the end of the post, then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment letting them know that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog and also to then let the person who tagged you know that you've posted your answers.

10 Years Ago: I was very preggers with my first born...He burst onto the world July 15th, 4 weeks early but still weighed 8lbs! YIKES! My DR laughed and said "good thing he didnt go full term!" And working full time at a telecommunication company. I quit when my son was 8mths old to be a stay at home mom!

5 Things On My To Do List: 1. Lose weight 2. buy my dream home 3. have a craft room 4. travel 5. more family time(vacations)

If I Was A Millionaire: see! and help out family and friends. donate to charity that helps kids and animals. (did you know that there are only 16,000 polar bears left in this world and 2/3 will be gone by 2035!)

Places I Have Lived: I have never lived outside of Washington State USA! Different cities but always the same state.

Now I have to tag a few of my SBS 13 Sisters. Linda, Gayln, Gia and Queen Kat.

If you have been tagged recently, my apologies, just link your past answers. Thanks.

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Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing your answers! I've only lived in 1 state my whole life as well!!